Beacon use cases in car dealerships

Car dealerships using Beacons

Christopher, all enthusiastic to buy his first-ever luxury car, was standing in front of the Audi Q2 in a busy store. It was a busy day at the dealership and no salesperson was able to attend to Christopher. But boom, Christopher still received all the relevant specs and information about the car, on his phone. […]

7 Tips on Relieving Beacon Privacy Concerns of your Customers

7 Tips-on-Relieving-Beacon-Privacy-Concerns-of-your-Customers

Every new technology is faced with skepticism till its real value is discovered and understood. This trend has been more significant in the last few years, as users became more aware and started treating data privacy and security as a key issue with regards to any technology.  This concern is further heightened when it comes […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Your Beacon App


The rise of iBeacon technology was one of the major news stories of 2015. Nevertheless, near the end of 2015, many mainstream publications rushed to declare Apple’s iBeacon technology as a fad that couldn’t live up to its hype. This resulted in many business insiders stepping up to give insights on the real state of […]

[Webinar Slides + FAQS]: How Brands can Succeed with Beacons in 2016


According to Streetfight, 2016 will be the year of the beacon. Not surprising, given that 85% of retailers are predicted to leverage iBeacon technology by the end of this year. Adding on to that, of late, there has been tremendous increase in the demand for contextually relevant experiences. 89% of consumers said that they are […]

5 Steps to Devising an IoT Retail Strategy


Analysts have termed the Internet of Things (IoT) as the next industrial revolution that will change the way businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world. Particularly because, the recent advancements in products like wearables and home-management systems has caused IoT to gain traction at every corner of the planet, right from the developed […]

Eight Things Not To Do When Running an iBeacon Campaign


Marketers today are fast shifting from thinking in terms of channels and audiences to thinking about sending personalized messages to customers, each with their own preferences, personal history with the brand and unique value to the brand. Experts predict that this shift will cause platforms that can deliver personalized creative at scale to  become critical […]

iBeacon vs NFC vs GPS: Which Indoor Location Technology will your Business Benefit from?


Of late, indoor location technology has grown over and beyond its outdoor counterpart. In fact, it currently plays a critical role in reinventing the mobile advertising, and app development industry. So much so that, it has now paved the way for a number of location-based , be it enhanced customer engagement, improved navigation or risk […]

Beacons in Retail: How Retailers can Earn Consumer Trust


Year 2015 will see retail brands take a substantial leap in proximity marketing, as they shift fast from pilot projects to larger commercial deployments, reported Business Insider. In fact, according to a recent study by AirSpace, 99% of U.K retail brands are considering including proximity marketing as a part of their 2015 marketing plan, of […]

Google’s UriBeacon: How it compares against Apple’s iBeacon


According to a recent Business Insider report, by 2019, the Internet of Things (IoT) market will be more than twice the size of the tablet, smartphone, PC, connected car and wearable market combined. So much so that the Internet of Things market is expected to add $1.7 trillion in value to the global economy. [Tweet […]

Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon) Technology


Indoor location technology has created a lot of buzz by opening up a realm of opportunities for businesses and consumers to communicate with each other and with things around them. A year back, retailers were busy trying to leverage Wi-Fi to gain insights on consumer behaviour in great detail. The recent widespread adoption of iBeacon […]