3 Ways Brands can Benefit from Facebook Beacons


Businesses today are up against a rising tide of change and challenges, all driven by technology, with many struggling to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and competition from disruptive innovators. In fact, today’s consumers consider being connected as a crucial utility and expect almost all facets of their shopping  experience be accessible to them through […]

Ebook: The A to Z of Proximity Marketing with Beacons


According to a recent Business Insider report, beacons are predicted to influence up to one on every four dollars spent in retail stores by 2016. In fact, many industry experts are of the opinion that proximity marketing with beacons could be one of the most effective tools that can help brands generate higher ROI with […]

3 Mistakes to avoid in your Proximity Marketing Campaign


Year 2014 saw businesses of all kinds, from casinos to museums and stadiums, venture into proximity marketing and try solutions such as beacons to enhance consumer engagement. Though, beacons have today reached mainstream, most marketers are still unsure about how to leverage beacons and integrate it with their mobile strategy. This has resulted in a […]

What is Proximity Marketing and How does it Work?


UPDATE:  Now you can set up beacon marketing without investing in your own app  Proximity marketing is all about marketing to your consumer at the right place, at the right time, with highly relevant and personalized notifications. Over the past year, we have seen a number of brands ranging from casinos to theme parks, opt-in […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Businesses are set to spend Billions on Beacons in 2015 and more


Image Source: rt.com Why VCs think businesses are set to invest billions of dollars into beacons in 2015? How small cell can be used to provide proximity based targeting on a massive scale compared to iBeacon? What does Snapchat have to do with beacons and why should you care? Our latest beacon roundup answers all […]