How to create a QR Code for Google Slides: Secure and Seamless Sharing

How to create QR Code for Google Slides

Share your Google Slides presentation with a large audience in a seamless and secure manner using QR Codes. Explore our step-by-step guide on how to create QR Codes for Google Slides.

8 Best Apps that are doing Mobile Commerce Right


With a recent Forrester research report stating that mobile commerce in the U.S is expected to hit $114 billion by the end of 2014, the future of mobile commerce apps has never looked brighter. Today, mobile has become the primary screen for content consumption, advertising, and shopping causing brands to embrace mobile as a key medium […]

How Retailers are Turning Real World Advertisements into Virtual Shops


Consumers today want greater levels of control and freedom to access and make purchases anytime, anywhere. This pressure from the consumer segment has forced retailers to go back to the drawing board and realign their in-store and online strategies such that they are able to manage the process all the way from discovery to transaction […]

Using Mobile to Enhance In-Store Shopping Experience – 7 tactics for Retailers

How mobile enhances in-store shopping experience

Today a consumer’s path to purchase often comprises of many online and few increasingly mobile touchpoints. Not only do they use their mobile devices to make purchases but also to research products, compare prices and check reviews. There’s no denying that mobile shoppers and showrooming are two buzzwords that strike fear in the heart of brick […]