iBeacon vs NFC vs GPS: Which Indoor Location Technology will your Business Benefit from?


Of late, indoor location technology has grown over and beyond its outdoor counterpart. In fact, it currently plays a critical role in reinventing the mobile advertising, and app development industry. So much so that, it has now paved the way for a number of location-based , be it enhanced customer engagement, improved navigation or risk […]

Beacon Challenges Mesh Networks can Help Solve


Over the last year, beacons, the low-powered proximity detection devices, which were initially touted as a ‘retail only’ opportunity were leveraged by businesses across various verticals, right from events to banks for proximity marketing. But of recent they have started to make inroads into the personal device marketplace as well. According to Merrill Lynch, the […]

3 New Beacon Hardware Players to Watch Out For


With 79% of UK brands planning to implement proximity marketing over the next 6 months, beacons are all set to move out of the pilot phase and go ahead with mainstream deployment. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there’s a battle brewing in the world of location-based beacons. Infact, even the leading beacon players […]