Best of Beacons this Week: Taipei Fine Arts Museum adopts Beacons and more


We are back with this week’s best of beacons post. In this feature, we will cover some interesting news and updates, right from how Taipei Fine Arts Museum leveraged beacons to enable easy navigation to an interesting post on how beacons are fast reshaping retail marketing strategies. So, sit back and check out the latest […]

5 In-Store Trends Radically Reshaping Retail Marketing


In-store shopping vs online shopping debate has grabbed the limelight for quite sometime in retail. And the discourse has only reinstated that the growth of e-commerce in the retail sector has not reduced the importance of brick-and-mortar stores for consumers. As confirmed by a recent TimeTrade survey, 71% of the US consumers prefer to shop […]

Retail App Trends: 4 New Features your App needs Right Now!


In an attempt to drive customer engagement and provide a competitive differentiator, most retailers are looking for ways to add exciting and unique features to their apps. While some are experimenting with gamification in their mobile apps, others are mobile payment options and streamlining the checkout process as ways to enhance the app experience. Let’s […]