[Webinar Slides] How Beacons can add Interactivity to Museums


According to a recent Business Insider report, the beacon installed base will see a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 287% and there will be 4.5 million active beacons overall by end of year 2018. While most verticals – from retail to restaurants and malls to theme parks are implementing beacon strategies for their […]

[Webinar Slides] How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app


While we’ve heard of beacons being mentioned everywhere, a lot is left to imagination where actual implementations on the field are concerned. To start with, a lot of us are yet to understand that the terms beacons and iBeacon are totally different from one another. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg! When it […]

[Webinar Slides] How to deploy and manage a fleet of beacons


If reports are to be believed, there will be around 30,000 active beacons by the end of 2014. With stores like Macy’s deploying beacons on a large scale, there’s no doubt that retailers are seeing value in these tiny devices, for consumer engagement, enhanced customer experiences, and generating more revenue. Though, there is a lot […]