Top 5 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement on Mobile


Mobile phones have become ubiquitous and are proving to be a one stop shop for fulfilling a host of user needs  and wants. Not only is mobile adoption increasing, even the time spent on mobile phones is witnessing an upward swing. According to KPCB’s, Internet Trends 2015, mobile digital media time in the US stands […]

Top 8 Tips on Building an Omnichannel Retail Strategy


The present day customers are not only tech-savvy, but are also multi-channel consumers. While a majority of sales are still fulfilled in physical stores, online channels and social media have a huge impact on customer behaviour. This new class of empowered customers also seek highly personalized, consistent and holistic experiences across all channels. Retailers today […]

How Facebook’s Anonymous Login will Affect the Ecommerce Industry


Today it’s no secret that consumers are increasingly worried about their online privacy. A recent Pew Research study found that 50% of Internet users are worried about the number of key pieces of personal information such as email addresses, photos etc, that are easily accessible online. At Facebook’s recent F8 Conference in San Francisco, the […]