7 Tips on Relieving Beacon Privacy Concerns of your Customers

7 Tips-on-Relieving-Beacon-Privacy-Concerns-of-your-Customers

Every new technology is faced with skepticism till its real value is discovered and understood. This trend has been more significant in the last few years, as users became more aware and started treating data privacy and security as a key issue with regards to any technology.  This concern is further heightened when it comes […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Beacons to result in $4 Billion worth of US Retail Sales in 2015 and more


How can marketers make the most of beacon-powered retail strategies? How can museums use beacons to retrieve visitor insights that help make informed decisions on interactivity enhancement? Why do experts think that Facebook’s move into proximity marketing could implicate ground changing results for brands? Our latest beacon roundup answers these questions and more. So read […]