[Webinar] How To Add Interactivity to Museums Using Beacons

Beacons are taking the world over by a storm. While Year 2014 saw a lot of action in the beacon domain with major brands across various verticals jumping on to the beacon bandwagon, 2015 will be no different. According to a recent Business Insider report, the beacon installed base will see a five-year compound annual […]

Umbel Feature: Beacons and Big Data: A Powerful Pair for Retail

Umbel Blog Feature Beacons and Big Data

Beacons and Big data are the latest buzzwords everywhere. Is it possible to use these together efficiently ? If yes, then how? And to what effect? We all know about beacons. Every industry vertical right from retail to hotels, museums, theme parks and airports to stadiums etc., is looking to deploy beacons. Businesses are fast realizing […]

How Event Managers can use Beacons to Transform Live Event Experience


Beacons are popping up everywhere. Although beacons are popularly considered to be retailer-focused opportunity, of recent this new proximity-detection technology has sparked the imagination of event organizers too. Many of them have already integrated these tiny devices with their mobile strategy to offer their visitors enhanced features such as  exhibitor information, maps, contact exchange, advertising […]

How Beacons can Transform Event Management and Trade Shows


Beacons have captivated the attention of the tech media world. With the recent deployment of these low-cost devices by retailers such as Macy’s, Apple Stores, and sports venues such as Major League Baseball stadium, Oracle Arena, etc., beacon technology has stimulated the appetite of event marketers too. For years, event organizers have pursued new ways […]