How Beacons can Revolutionise Healthcare


Mobile technology innovations today help provide solutions to a wide variety of problems. Mobile and associated technologies like Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and beacons are positively impacting both individuals and enterprises, across diverse industries. Even in the healthcare space, mobile phones are impacting people across the entire industry, be it patients, consumers, or healthcare providers. Mobile […]

How Beacons are Transforming the Travel Industry


iBeacon technology has witnessed adoption across diverse domains, from retail to education to museums, over the past few years. Although the retail industry has been the frontrunner in deploying beacon projects, the tourism industry has also seen significant transformation by leveraging beacons. Why are beacons of great value in tourism? Given the hyper-local and contextual capabilities […]

Beacon Wearables: Looking into the Future

Beacon Wearables

As the year draws to a close, the internet is full of articles on ‘what to expect’ in 2015. And the one thing that finds mention in all these articles is ‘wearables’.  Everybody seems to have realized the power these personal devices can have on our lives, if used in the right way. How many […]

Move beyond App Design. Rich Notification Experience is what Matters.


Consumers today love data-driven apps that deliver contextual information personalized to their needs and preferences. In most cases, such apps still require consumers to navigate to the page where they had installed the app, to open the app and interact with it. However, this approach of app interaction is fast becoming obsolete. Notifications are now […]

Google I/O 2014: Everything You Need To Know


The keynote for Google I/O 2014, the search giant’s annual developer conference had no shortage of announcements. While some of these, like Android L and Android Wear were expected by many, few others took many developers by surprise. The biggest news at the event, however, was that Android is all set to move beyond being […]