10 Diverse Industries that can Leverage the Physical Web in Interesting Ways


Anchored on the premise of bringing the core power of the web to objects in the physical world, Eddystone beacons and the Physical Web hold significant promise for not only proximity marketers, but also many diverse industries and verticals. The Physical Web allows businesses, both big and small to deliver the most relevant, contextual mobile […]

Top 12 Industries that Beacons will Disrupt in 2016


With the growth of mobile devices, more and more people are turning to their smartphones to fulfill a host of everyday needs. This is where apps supported with smart technologies like iBeacon really help in enhancing experiences. Keeping this in mind, iBeacon technology is being leveraged across an array of industries today, from hotels to […]

Best of Beacons This Week : Chester Zoo Transforms into a Multi-Channel Attraction, and more

Best _of_Beacons_this_week_30 October 2015

We are back with this week’s best of beacons round-up. In this feature, we cover some interesting beacon deployments from interactive zoo experiences at the Chester Zoo to how beacons deployed at the Heathrow inter-terminal buses are creating a huge advertising opportunity for brands. 1. ‘Islands’ at Chester zoo becomes a multi-channel experience Source: bdaily.co.uk Smart […]